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Guys im new player on this serv. i see that on Naia have biggest online. So heres your challange: 
Tell me which class is needed the most on serv now. Maybe you need some1 to your clan/cp? Count me in, just let me know what you need. 
Im w8ing :)

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yup, i guess so, but you know that hlvl tank must earn some xp also on low lvl, i made a tank and noone want to join/acept me in even k85.


Any other sugestion? I see rumour about no social here is true. 1 day and just one repsponse for thread. Maybe You dont want new player Naia?hm? 

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Nah. It's christmas time. People have other things to do. It's true that if you have low lvl it's hard to find any party but i know many players that take low lvl tank to party just to help them exp. For now it's better for you to do quests from Adventurer guild in Aden. Npc Peny. You will fast gain 97lvl and life will be easier.  

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