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I am in the spellbook farming.
I saw many bots.
Bots are also a problem, but the drop rate of spellbook is low, and many bots are a problem.
If you want to raise the drop rate of spellbook, you will not need to raise the drop rate because there is a game balance problem.
(I hope you put it up.)
Be sure to hold the bots firmly, or be sure to monitor them.
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there are many bots because ncwest doesn't care about them..  they created classic to make a short profit and close. \ destroy it as they did with mxm and wildstar. 


i reported 230+  characters..   almost half of them are still alive.  (  i reported when they were 15 lvl  now they are 50+ ) 


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10 hours ago, McBacon said:

All bots are banned if you report them by creating a Support ticket on the website.

Stop crying and put some effort yourselves.

Did that with an isforce bot farming on forgotten temple, and ignored, yesterday i see that guy doing aden daily.

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I had two different bots today in EV that I was dealing with by fearing mobs off a cliff and having them follow it, while it did work both of them came back at least 4 times each before giving up. These people don't care anymore they just bot right in your face and egg you on to report them, just shows how bad it's getting with NCsoft doing absolutely nothing.

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All locations around dwarf village are filled with bots. They spoil mobs since yesterday's maintains without non-stop... I counted ~50 different characters... Everyone has the same very good (top?) NG equipment and farm without any pause....

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