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IS dagger class any good in pvp - pve


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I like dagger too but not at classic. Just coz of the fact they wear heavy and equip a shield which makes it look terrible. A dagger in light armor standing at far with just a small dagger in one hand, looks so cool and dangerous for its potential. 

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I'm quite fresh at the game myself so I won't be able to provide much info but from what I noticed by partying with a dagger user when leveling a healer/buffer myself is that they are more dependent on their skills even if they're physical damage dealers. That's because of dagger weapon type properties. They lack accuracy even if they're fast and their auto damage is not the highest. This translates into failing to land hits and use of more soulshots (can be expensive and when lacking mana may turn out to be dangerous). If they do land skills to enemies one by one - they deal a whole lot of damage. Over-hits increase experience gained also. They have control skills so they can single out some light or robe armor users. But keep in mind that when facing AOE and control skills that prevent him from reaching targets, he can fall easily. It's just balance. You can use any buffer that improves your damage output and accuracy to speed you up. Of course defensive will help you survive as well. If you're partying with one, it depends on who you meet to be able to choose and who will accept. If healer as well, I'd team up with Shillien Oracle or Prophet. Without heals - Bladedancer but I don't know much about the others so don't take it as a definite. If you create a box, then healer/buffer is most popular choice (buffs, heals, mana recharge). Hope this helps.

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