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Noobie questions about boxing and playing solo


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Sup guys! I've been playing for a few days and I'm a 24 Human Knight (planning on going DA). I have a few questions regarding lvling, boxing and playing solo:

1- Is it illegal to box? (like using farm bot and such).

2- Is it necessary to box? Can you still have a decent game experience if u decide not to?

3- If it is not illegal and if it is necessary, what is the best option for boxing a future DA?

4- I've seen people saying that some classes are terrible when playing solo and the problem is.... I always go solo on MMORPGS (for lvling only. I do enjoy clan wars, raids and PVP)...... Is it viable to go solo as DA?

(P.s.: I really don't mind taking a little longer to lvl up or becoming somewhat undergeared, as long as my gaming experience doesn't turn dreadful).

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1, It is not illegal to box, max box allowed is 3 clients per computer, whether you use it for farm, lvl or pvp. It is illegal to use any third party software though for botting or automated gameplay.

2. Depends on the class, most classes would perform better with atleast one buffer box as a buffer wont need much gear investment should be fine to lvl up together with main. 

3. Best box for DA would be a prophet but thats just my opinion. 

4. You can solo a DA decently with the help of your pet damage, do not use soul shots on your pet though as its costly and use it only during pvp. DA or any tank is often required for parties so it wont be hard for you to find a group at any level. 

Classic is a hardcore experience both in terms of exp and economy, so its ok if you go slow rather rushing down the exp line. Anther tip, try to make an artisan sometime and lvl it when you feel like, so you can craft your own soul shots and later maybe other stuff too, its handy. Enjoy your experience in L2, dont try to best best in the competition.

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