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Jewels For Feoh's


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1 hour ago, Zarur said:

Hey guys, hows going? Can someone tell me the correct jewels set to use in Feoh's? Like istina ring, frintezza, zakens and etc

Low budget for pve ; valakas (or replaced by istina necklace, tezza soul would work too with -10% cd but no extra m.atk) , earring are irrelevant so pick what you can, rings can be w/e also they just need to have +15% m crit dmg (istina wiz, ring of creation, aq soul, baium soul)


If you "pvp with a low budget" consider also having  as extra a beleth ring + lilith necklace + coc earring mental for your fear/mass fear. Working at higher level anyway (1v1, oly, coc)



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