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Leveling to 20

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Slaexes    0
Posted (edited)

Hi there,

I have been playing L2 in the past a lot, but leveing now is quite different from what I remember. Right now I am leveling towards Hawkeye and Tyrant BUT I am really struggling now:

1. My human is now level 15 and I wanted to do that quest where you are killing for water essences around waterfall, and I am getting completely smashed over there, I even used all my newbie potions,

2. My orc is now at the quest to kill Goblin Tomb Raider Leader but these guys have ridiculous amount of HP. I even have found out they should have around 210HP and in the game, it's almost 2000! 

Am I doing something wrong or something is seriously bugged over here?

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TDG    19

Bottom line is L2 classic is unfortunately a weird child of what we knew before and the current live version, some shit is just plain broken like those goblins HP. Quest rewards are shitty on this version, literally wouldn't bother trying to level around them and just level for what mobs are the best for your level/gear.

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Meverick    19

Yes the Undines are hard, as thy got strong pdef and also hits hard lol. Lvling the first character is hard but once you get a buffer box with you, it gets easier. And yes, the goblin hp is kinda bugged lol. But Id still suggest not to skip the quests, as they help ou with exp and ss which are helpful a lot. 

Just lvl a prophet along with your DDs and you should be fine. If youre making a HE and Tyrant it might be difficult to get gears for both coz their weapons and armors arent the same type unless you wanna play with light armor on tyrant. Also archers are costly coz of cost of both arrows and ss. Plan a bit ahead for long term before you invest time. Make an artisan to craft your own ss, it comes handy. 

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