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WTS +16 Bloody Caster and More


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New topic, since I can't edit the old ones.


+18 Elmore Cloak 7.5% Crt. Dmg / 5% Pve Dmg = 200b SOLD
+16 Bloody Dual Dagger Fire 8 / Death 8 / Sigel = 120b SOLD
+16 Bloody Caster Mystic 9 / Wild Mystic 9 / Sigel = 120b
+12/12/12/12/12 Dark LA Set = 70b SOLD
+11/10/10/10/10 Bloody LA Set = 50b
11% P.Skill Artifact = 45b SOLD
+6 Lindvior Earring = 40b SOLD
+6 Ruler's Ring of Authority = 40b
+5 Blessed Valakas Necklace = 20b SOLD
+8 Blessed Antharas Earring = 30b SOLD
+4 Blessed Antharas Earring = 27b SOLD
+6 Ruler's Authority (Belt) = 25b SOLD
+5 Noble Circlet of Authority = 21b
+5 Earth Wyrm Ring = 2.5b
Talisman Seven Signs = 15b
Talisman Venir 14 = 1.5b SOLD
Talisman Insanity = 27b
Talisman Abundance Lv. 4 = 22b


Prices are negotiable, specially if you buy more than one item at once.

Adena only. I can do trades if the offer is good.

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