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Weight Limit & Mana Regen


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I am a level 64 hawkeye with weight limit increase of 30% from passives, decrease weight lvl 3 from my EE and Avadon light with +5795 weight.

When I leave town for a long grinding session, I bring 15k arrows. This typically puts me at 66% weight but due to the above mentioned buffs I do not receive weight penalty lvl 1.

At certain times while playing, sometimes seemingly tied to the issue that causes soulshots to not work, I will receive weight limit penalty lvl 1 which will then cause me to eventually run out of mana. Sometimes this bug can persist for 10 minutes at a time causing major mana issues while grinding as an archer. However, eventually this penalty will go away and I will still technically be overweight such at 64%.

We have also encountered times where our mana will not regen even without the weight penalty. Typically I will never run out of mana for hours on end if I do not have the weight penalty.

I am not sure if these are connected or related or 2 different issues but its rather annoying to have these issues happen in the middle of a long grinding session with xp scrolls popped

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@PhoenixMitra It seems that you sometimes reply and since @Hime has not addressed anyone in any of these bug reports or updated the known issue list in quite sometime that maybe you will be able to "pass this along to the right team"

This issue is actually quite detrimental to groups that didnt level multiple rechargers or who plan to have long grinding sessions and want to use the gear they have acquired and buffs they have leveled to help carry more items to make sure the grinding session is even longer.

There are so many issues with this classic build its crazy that there are still no responses since october... its bleeping an entire new year 

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