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Is It Worth Rushing EXP Scrolls?

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Use them wisely... If you have enough SP for next lvl with new skills then use them and save others for next skill lvl. Also depends on others party/clan members lvls. You may use them at once after lvl 61.(lvl60 is last lvl when you are capable doing FoM daily). It's up to you.

Also you have to know on lvl 55 need ~135 exp scrolls to next lvl but on lvl 56 "only" ~77 exp scrolls.

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if u play summoner than rush np. if u play archer then or any heavy sp class then dont. keep in mind adena drops are not higher in higher lvl zones so u will burn more adena and get less adena in return. possibly ss wont break even. if u are full c grade then rush np

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