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Best dualbox for tyrant


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I m Tyrant with prophet + bladedancer and work fine for me, I see some who choose elder for recharge and bladedancer, or prophet + sws etc etc the good thing from bd is u get cool critikal damage buff from lv40 and with sws u need to wait till lv 48-52 for get some cool and useful song :D

I find a guide time ago from testsujin who play in classic europe server about tyrants maybe it will help you!




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thank you for your advice, it was helpfull. Now i have shaman lvl 30 with my monk lvl 28, so i have main buffer. About "bard" i friend has future SWS no he has 33l so we can play together ;)

what do you mean about light or heavy armor at C/B grade?

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