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Got PK in war?!

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6 hours ago, Ardulace said:

Killed a character of a clan we're in war with and got PK and 1100 karma?! 100 year old game still can't fix bugs like this...

You need to put in a ticket if so.  You are right the game has been around for a long time and has not had this problem.  Would be very odd if it started having this problem now.  Usually, it turns out that the war was declared but not started or the toon killed was in a different clan with the same clan crest.  Anyone else have this problem recently?  

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3 hours ago, Coleman said:

maybe your guildmaster kicked from the guild when you was going to kill them


or maybe they had the mule guild with the same logo as your war


typically common strategy wars

It's a bug, I've seen it happen,  ncsoft doesn't care about this classic, it's been 1 disaster after another.  No 1 in office ever played the game and half the time don't even understand what tickets mean.  2 days to get an automated reply is BS.  

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