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Retributer or Tauti 2h blunt


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hello guys , i have 1 guess to do

Tyrr Titan ( frenzy and all other boost ) + br + SoS 

it's better Tauti 2h blunt or Enhanced Shadow Retributer/ +12 Bloody Retributer ?

who take more critical from Sos buff , tauti or retributer ?

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Just now, Laran said:

Since Retributers and Casters now are not blunts but staves (staff), sos only works for tauti. Get a Bloody Slasher or use Tauti with SoS

Actually sos works with retri, but not as it was earlier. Crit damage is still double, but you won't get those bonus stats what frenzy/furious slasher gives if you are using blunt.

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They good until lv100 maybe 101 after that bloody 

seen better inside equip evis than me with shadow fists r95++++++ or any other but no one do same as bloody 12 or more

best option stay on shadow save for bloody 

btw why the heck tauti lol you can’t pvp against pve 

and again everybody is on crit dmg lol wake up and think again

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Please read on last patch note Lineage II: Salvation – Etina’s Fate Patch Notes

Changed the category names of some weapons. The skill requirements and skill effects remain unchanged <------ they change just type of weapon but effect or skill still same :)

Watched on my video after update last patch note Etina’s Fate Patch Notes 

Lineage 2 Atelia Fortress (Solo)


So if you want PVE dmg Bloody Retributer (+15%PVE DMG) better than Tauti 2H blunt or Enhanced Shadow Retributer 

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