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Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, January 9, 2019


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You guy SERIOUSLY need some kind of North American player council or something to help you communicate back with the Korean dev team or something.... I swear. Most of these issues you've had since launch are entirely preventable if you just had some connection to the L2 veterans that play this game... 

I've never seen this kind of circus in an online game before. If I wouldn't know any better its almost like the company wants the entire thing to fail.

All I can think about is the fact I'm 54 and didn't have to go through the level 55 nightmare others have been discussing. I feel sorry for those people that threw serious $$$ at the problem with experience scrolls and the like just to push through. Hopefully, you guys log in to a nice bump. 

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15 minutes ago, PhoenixMitra said:

Greetings everyone,

A quick reminder that we are aware of these connection issues. We appreciate your patience while our team is looking into this.

Can you not write in orange against a beige background?

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