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Heavy server lag and enchant bug

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4 hours ago, FatHips said:

That should have been obvious when you started seeing craft-only weapons going above 10 reliably.

If it was "reliably" then they would be flooding the market. I can't find any for sale and I sure don't see people standing around all over with +10s at the high level areas....

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6 hours ago, TheGardener said:

Every day server got lag and one player enchant a weapon to +16+, today and tonight this happened too... Every weapon i see over enchanted has created when server got heavy lag... One new enchant bug? @Hime @Juji

there is no enchant bugs man, its just ppl who farm ewd from raids and scam randoms drop have 50 ewd, they just buy weapons and enchant and they burn many of them thats why u dont see them on the market

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I have never seen a single +15++ enchant while the server was lagging. And I use to play in the mornings (when the lags occurs, between 11AM-13AM).

If there is a bug, report it and the way it works, make a video and show us, dont just write stupid things.

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