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Can't get past server selection


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2 hours ago, PhoenixMitra said:

Greetings everybody,

We appreciate your patience and are able to confirm that the issue appears to be resolved. There will be a statement with more information a little later today. For now, you should be able to sign in without a problem.

Thank you!

Any idea on what's happening to everyone that was just banned for seemingly using a vpn to get around whatever the ip issue was?

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17 hours ago, Nazulu said:

And now I have the same problem. I hope those elven wizard bots are having this same problem ¬¬

hahahaha I doubt the bots are having trouble connecting ... They never had any problems, it would not be now. Endless rows of bots in the towns and farm places and nobody ever did anything. This server and this administration is a disgrace. More than a week without being able to play, like thousands of other people, and nobody does NOTHING.

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