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Can't get past server selection


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I didn't think NCSoft would let this run into the weekend without any updates/communication. Nothing on Twitter, nothing in here. Come on NCSoft, we need a little more than 'we are working on it' now or else people will seriously lose the little faith we have in supporting you.

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Was able to login no problem yesterday, had issues this morning (took 5 or 6 tries) and now I cant get on at all. I think the most frustrating part is the lack of response from NCSOFT. I understand S8*t happens, and for minor bugs a simple we are aware of the issue it will be fixed at a later time is fine, but for something this GAME BREAKING we expect more frequent updates or we will just walk away.

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I have 5 accounts - 2 are banned on the charge of using third-party programs.
- every click does my hand but I got banned
For the remaining 2 I could log in until yesterday and 1 had a problem logging in.
Today I can not get into the game from any account.
 a variable IP address is probably not welcome by the team.
They wanted me to give all countries and cities at the time when each account was created.
I provided the required information but I received a reply message that they can not verify accounts. 
It's probably clear that changing the IP can indicate a different location than the one at the moment the account was created.
Now I can not get any help from the support because they can not verify me, I'm waiting a month.
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