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What's a Bloody server?


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As title say : what's a "bloody server"?  
I'm reading around about the new patches...and I'm pretty sure i saw something about Korean's bloody server...and about the fact you could get "blood coins" from PVPs? Which would allow players to get items you can get from L2Store such as Shirts? 
No clue who you are, but you really looks like someone who knows a lot! Enlight me please. @Yidao

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1 hour ago, Dawe said:

Yeah, that's it! But i don't know KR and google translate is quite bad...any help to understand how that would work is welcome :)
Is that a server, working as usual, but that provides you with special coins that allow you to buy special items like shirts? 
How does it works? It's something quite "easy" or it's like "get 1000 pvp points, you will get some 'x stat', trade that for 1 coin, get 100 coins and you can get a shirt" = "you need at least 100k pvps in order to get a shirt that is useless if you don't OE it"? 

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It's the same game world as on the live servers, with the same hunting grounds, but people have much better equipment. Here are two videos which might make things clearer:

I think you could best compare it to a illegal server where, since everybody has highly overenchanted weapons, overenchantment doesn't mean anything when it comes to PvP (which is what the Bloody server is about). But you can kill monsters much faster than on a regular server, i.e. people level up faster.

Those Bloody Coins are mainly obtained by PvP, but only as long as an attacker has Attack Points and a victim has Life Points, so you can't farm them indefinitely. A Sparkling Einhasad Shirt costs 2,400 Coins + 6,000,000 adena, a Shirt Enchantment Scroll costs 1000 Coins:

You need at most 2,400 PvPs to get a Shirt that is useless. But the higher your level, the more Coins you get per kill (the level difference between killer and victim doesn't matter) :)

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