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Servitor dmg calculator (PATK vs Crit dmg)


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  • 11 months later...

Update on the issue.

Found an old SS from the aforementioned website (now unavailable) where i put my stats and gear and checked the bonus from the 2 attributes.

My conclusion follows:

1. Patk build is still better overall and imho should be prioritized in one way choice (like weapon augment)
2. Critical dmg bonuses add a surprising amount of dmg boost (you always have to keep in mind that the bonus dmg is applied in  ~50% based on your pets' crit rate ) and it surely adds significantly to servitors' total dps (i tend to believe the opposite bfr this test ).
3. Critical dmg scales very nice but when u don't have crazy amounts of crit dmg (Red cat + forgotten skills + radiant circlet5 + gog), patk still has the lead. For extensive RB killing critical dmg build seems to have merit, for the burst dmg mostly.




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