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Healers still needed?


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Hi, I'm returning to L2 live servers after the long break (since 2013). I've created aeore since I love healers, my concern is: is it even worth playing healer these days? im almost lvl 91 and the only parties I've actually managed to get are the k85-k90. To actually level it up I'm having to use my dual class to kill mobs for the quests and then complete them with my main. Not really enjoying this kind of gameplay. However, was gonna ask for veterans opinions before I reroll. Thanks

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Hello, yes healers are rly needed. The problem is you are low lvl and you missed a lot. People are already 105-106-107+.Gear is not cheap nowadays.

Ncoins and the L2store are deeply implemented in the gameplay now. You should try to get atleast lvl 99 + get some items, so you can see for yourself, if you want to continue...

If you have any friends close to your lvl better make party, you can get t 100+ rly fast, with good gear and party 104-105 lvl is not a problem

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Hmm... considering what happened to healers/bufffers after the last update I think you can safely drop them.

All the skills you learned how to use? Gone.

All the strategies you might have worked on to use for various scenarios? Useless now.

Have your 5 and a half skills, push UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, A and B and play this Gameboy version of once good game. 

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