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Equipment for subclass


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Excuse my ignorance
If my main class is warrior and I choose a subclass wizard or also warrior but with other equipment, this one , gets Pauline equipment or I have to buy it up to lvl 80
Would the same thing happen if I want to transform it into a dual class?

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hi there 

nope you dont get 2nd gear 

only one time you getting free gear

you can make another one by being a mentee up to 85 so you take free gear for diplomas (including jewelery and shots)

and 1st one you getting just by exing till 85 i think now they give paulina 30 days only

iam not sure about those 30 or not days

hope that helps

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That's incorrect. You will get gear for your subclass - up until Dynasty S-grade. If you make this subclass into your dual class you will also get additional 30-day Paulina's R-grade set.

However, after it expires you will need to invest into two sets and two weapon types. It is not only expensive but also very inconvenient to keep switching armor sets (full inventory and such), so I do not recommend that.

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