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Server Down WTF?


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NCsoft u have big problem . Server Down  Giran . Many PPL leave game . You have a big problem because you do not take a lot of things, for example. A lot of bots is, people get scolded for just switching over top items to new boxes. you have worse laags like private games. Cheat for fear, send 1kk to the second character because you can get a bana and the farm is a mosque as it starts to laagle and throw away.
And now the server has gone down.

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I've been experimenting and what I've noticed is... It can take up to 30 seconds between your click to join a server and the character select screen loading. Clicking to join a server more than once usually breaks the login process for that session.

Regardless of what you do there will be times where you just can't get past the server selection screen. I've had that happen twice since the issue started. Last night when I tried to log in to play I got stuck at the server selection screen on multiple clients. At one point the server selection screen actually showed giran as down. I just gave up and did other stuff for about 30 minutes. When I tried again I was able to log in but it took up to 25 seconds for a client to get past the server selection screen into the character select screen.


EDIT : I forgot to mention I live very near the servers. So if you're in a different country you're going to have more of a problem because if one hop is a bit wonky it'll break everything.

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