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Fortune Reading Game 2019 returns on 1/16

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Draecke    276

Well they should start announcing the next big update Fafurion as well 15th Anniversary so let's see how this goes as so far EU/RU is doing a much better job at this then NCWest..

expecting more then just another rerun of an old store promo

but it's w/e, so far no reason to spend any $$ and I actually been having fun with my extensive Steam library as if NC fails to excite me then there are plenty of other companies out there that can deliver ;)


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Argus    105

I still can not believe, enchants weapon/armor, pantheon 8 and Gran Kain Medecine were prizes for this promo :D 

How much better would it have been, if prizes were at least consumables, needed for players to prepare for Fafurion items enhancements :) at least that lol 

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