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opening a new char


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i was thinking is good to play archer? of course people will say play what you like but i like mage, and currenly have one mage/summoner, and i use on both robe. but i was thinking on rerolling to archer. how is it as for pve mostly for now, (pvp later), group parties and solo grind. and i wanted to go archer/dagger maybe? 


any idea,

thank you :)

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12 hours ago, LordDragnil said:

Archmage is PVE monster (about dmg not about control) with the same investments. So, if you like mage, play mage. Archers are expensive and deal good dps only with big boost.
Also, you are wrong. Archers are primarily pvp.

actually i opened a tricster and dual wanted a dagger (but its so hard to find a weapon for both and the dual dagger are so expensive, shooter are in existent in the AH) idk wanted to reroll but think i wont. so hard to find weapons for both

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