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Connectivity Issues Update - 1/16


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22 hours ago, Hime said:

Hi all,

We are still seeing high illegitimate traffic to our servers. Our network team remains responsive and active in engaging the issue. Unfortunately, you may continue to experience connectivity issues across all our servers.



Thank yo for the update.  Daily updates are enormously helpful.  However, as I asked the last time and still have not had an answer from you, what does "illegitimate traffic" mean?  

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17 hours ago, support_this said:


This is what has worked for me and my clan. Of it does not work for you please don't get mad at me... I don't even know why it worked for me. How would you expect me to know why it does not work for you?

0 - Restart tour computer

1 - Start the launcher: enter email and password of your account.

2 - Select the "Repair File" option that appears at the bottom left.

3 - Wait until the process finishes.

4 - Launch the game and try yo play.

5 - Get busted by the server selection screen error.

6 - Curse as much as you can.

7 - Start the launcher again... But this time with another account. If you use the same account as in 1 you will get the "Account already in use" error. We do not want that.

8 - If 7 worked fine then, without closing the client, try launching your main again a couple of times.

Best regards, 


La tanga mágica


It's worked for me thx a lot ( belgium )

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several friends and clanmates, are leaving the game for this, I realized that you as a company are giving little importance to this problem many of us have paid their vip and bought runes of xp.
his lack of interest in this is surprising with a problem of more than 8 days, I do not want to leave the game but I think you care nothing.

As a working group, they are doing really badly.
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