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WC BW light Set vs Avadon Robe


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In later chronicles I was playing OL/WC with Doom Heavy+aoba solo melee farm (there was a passive that when you p att you take as return mp).
In classic I am thinking to make a BW light set.
Bonus: p def+5,25%  ,+15% casting speed +better def than Avadon robe set, so archers cant 1 shot you.
The only minus is that the set dont provide mp as all the robe sets.
Does anyone try it in other server?
Can you make all buffs to your party with a light set?

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I am trying to also decide between Blue Wolf Light and Avadon Robe. I figure if you solo a lot its better to get Blue Wolf for the P.DEF and if you mostly group then go for Avadon Robe for the MP Bonus. With Blue Wolf you probaly only be able to buff one round before you need to regain mana. 

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