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So i have 3 skill on learn skill list
Flash Dagger : Dagger Explosion + Throw Sand "+10 Hex"  "33 sec reuse with criers harm + iss buff" have a similar skill 1 min long reuse and  1.5 sec casting "Mass Trick" that why i know the right time
Counter Flip : Kick "+10 Chance" + Mischief "16 sec "
Grim Reaper Possession lv2 8 rune stone :) +1 second on 100% crit damage buff

Is it worth to learn this 3 skills? i focus only on pve.

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Mass trick is not bad as well if you are in party with feoh. Gives confusion + M. Evasion -10, and chance for M. Critical Rate Received +10% on the target and nearby enemies. You can enchant it on Hex and decrease p def of the nearby mobs. 

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