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level difference/+16 weapons

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Vol0tron    5

Hi guys.

I am sk 55 level and i want to express my opinion about the upcoming sieges.

There are players already 70 level in giran server,and i am playing from the start of server almost every day for 2 hours per day.

Company must retain level cap at the upcoming updates,cause if not i feel like l ll never be competitive at siege and pvp.

I am vip 4 from the start of classic server.

Many will leave if company start raising the level diference on classic servers.

Also +16 weapons and +6/7/8/9/10 armors shouldnt exist on classic servers.

The diference of +16 weapons is huge.

This was a big mistake in my opinion from the company.

Armors should be at this point on +4 max.

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