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Reward when killing boss dungeon of abyss?

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Lechuga    0

Hi guys, im think there is some secret or i have really really bad luck.

Condemned of Infinity = I killed him 7 time
Condemned of Abyss = i killed him 3 time

and no reward, literally nothing (no gemstone ). Today i was with my box in the lobby of the dungeon and when i killed him, the message of the reward didn't apear. i have seen this message with the reward of who killed him, but nothing or maybe the message does not apear in the lobby, i dont know but is weird the no rewards. Someone did happen by the same? or know something that made me dont recive the reward? .

PD: and yes, i have seen the weight and capacity limit before entering. Maybe i need to go with much less than i think? empty and naked? xD

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Decayed    24

I got an SLS back when I was lvl 45 or 46.  One of the first few on TI.

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