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2 hours ago, Silverrmoon said:

Hello all,

Anyone can indicate me what would be the best B armor set and best B weapon for a Bishop please?

And approx. cost for these?

Thank you

for pvp it is better to have a BW because of stun resist but if u dont have the money or u want to keep the +15% of casting speed of karmian u can get an avadon which is cheaper (but i dont know prices) now to be honest i dont have count the difference between +3WIT of BW and +15% of avadon in casting speed stat so better check it

as for the weapon i was always had a valhala one for my BP and doom shield, i dont know if u can have something better than that! i dont think a 2H weapon mage would be good even if it gives more healing power (more m at more healing done) the shield helps to pvps too

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