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Looking to start play here tips and help pls

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StarFire    0

Hello, I use to play a lot of l2 on low rate illegal server and after that I start playing a lot on pvp server which we all know these days they came and go and I`m looking to start here with some friends or even solo and try to make some friends here :D what is recommended for all PvE and PVP to play the most here? I use to play BD/SWS on low rate and titan/kamael on PVP servers...any recommendations are welcome and if this official server is still active or not.

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El1te    4


If you want to start Playing here, you should know it will take a lot of time to be half decent. Of course money can help to boost it up. Drops in game is very very low and there are not a lot decent quests.

If you want a char for PVP and PVE i would suggest you a Feoh, some people suggests Yul, but i personally don't like them .

Until lvl 99 i would not suggest you to buy any gear, cuz you can lvl up with paulina S grade gear. After that "fun" will start. up to lvl 101 you still might get some parties, but further people will ask you to shift your gear and if you don't have it you will be kicked from party. That's how it works these days. 

As for PVP do not expect much, Because i'm myself a Tank 105lvl and i would say mid geared or maybe a bit over that and still get one shoted from some people.

Technically if you are not willing to play market and spend a lot of time gearing up in current state you would need a couple thousand euros to play PVE, as for PVP i would say you need around 10 time more.

IF you have semi decent gear to lvl up to 105 will not take long, but after that it realy slows down.

As for support classes, Healers and tanks are always on demand, for parties i would strongly recommend Eva's templar as a tank, Paladin also not too bad, but other kinda not worth taking.

One more thing, the Promotions (loot boxes) have a very low chance to get a decent item, you need to be very lucky :)

If you want to discuss something or have a question you can pm me in game, Naia server nick El1te.

Have fun and good luck.

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Gwang    2

Hello El1te

Thanks for your valuable tips!

I'm playing for so long as a Tyrr Doombringer. It's really very slow to level up , Specially when playing alone.

Could you please, give me some tips to someone who is level 99? What are the very recommended Quests from your experience and in your oppinion?

Thank you very ver much for any help.

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El1te    4


I haven't played doombringer my self, but i suspect it's pretty much same as a all tyrr classes.

They are not wanted in mass PVE parties, cuz of lack damage in AOE. to start earning adena i can only suggest you to go oly do all quest and sell codexes you earned every month.

Also you can try raising mentees for your self and take codexes for coins. the other benefits f mentee, you can use that char to do quests from Penny in aden for the jewels and grind them, they are currently 80kk per jewel, and fully raised adventure guild gives you i think 6 so crush them and sell them.

These tips would be your starting point to make adena, when you have some of it you can start playing market. e.g. now mystic soul crystal fragment you can buy like 350kk each and after tarrot card event it should go up to like 600kk

Don't forget to make a fortuna quest its like 90kk adena for a single quest. (i think you need to do quest change for that, cant remember ^^).

Also try to go to CC/Bay, spezion, balok, istina, tauti. sometimes the drop good adena :)

I do not recommend, buying gear lower then R99, because if you have to upgrade its pain to sell lower gear :)

Also try to do as much as possible faction quests, they are not too rewarding, but still something. And when you reach the exalted you will not need to struggle with them :)

BTW don't be too upset when people don't take you to parties, Tyrr is more like solo char these days :)

Good Luck.

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