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Attitude of Botters/Adena Buyers

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This post really serves no purpose. I'm not complaining or asking for changes to anything. I'm just killing some time right now and thought to write about some observation I found pretty funny.

During my time back in classic, through chatting with various clan's members and "top" players, I've noticed a bit of a pattern with the majority of folks buying adena and botting to the top. The vast majority just have an absurd ego towards their "success" in this game. I'm not sure why, but that attitude really brings me joy and fascination. Why on earth are you so proud? If anything I'd expect you all to just be way more chill since you're not putting in the work of others. Instead, the top botting clans are only looking for the best of the best and have no humor/joy with the game whatsoever. The players hitting +16 with their weps flaunt their accomplishment until they get banned for buying gold. I can't help but laugh, and honestly, it's part of what I love about this community. The people I respect that legitimately achieve what I'll never reach are chill and happy dudes enjoying the game and putting in the hours. The ones that get there while they sleep are just salty bitter people. Perhaps that shows the mental state of hard workers vs cheaters. It's pretty entertaining.

Oh, and if it isn't really clear, I honestly don't care what you do. Perhaps I should, but as a more casual player it doesn't affect me as much as the legit top players pushing for sieges and clan control. Maybe if I ever catch up I'll start getting upset.

Happy grinding my dudes.

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2 minutes ago, Tembo said:

You're welcome for the warning. Saved you enough time reading so that you could post a reply that you didn't read 

I actually did read it. I was just trying to feed my ego towards my success on this forum

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