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Super Bowl Sunday sieges


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On 1/28/2019 at 11:46 AM, Decayed said:

I know nothing is set in stone and the chance of sieges actually being released this week (end of january) is pretty slim, but who's bright idea was it to launch them on Super Bowl Sunday?  This is an NA game and that's one of the most watched US television broadcasts.

Like, wtf?  @Juji@Hime  Whoever even came up with this plan should be fired for ineptitude.  

I'd personally rather have it delayed another week.  I realize a lot of mouthbreathers on here do not care for sports, but there are some of us nostril breathers that do.  Thank you.

Post if you agree or if you don't agree you can tell me why.

Hey everyone, people don't enjoy/do the same things as me. I think people should be fired over that. 

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6 hours ago, qtpi said:

If you are actually watching TV while siege, I hope you are on the opponents side, because you will get picked off very easily.

But Degus is 100% correct. This is not a matter of whining; rather it's just another example of NCSofts alleged incompetence. Now, we don't actually know when the siege will be, so it is merely speculation. But so far every argument against the OP's complaint has been essentially "we aren't american" or "we dont like sports".... Not a good argument.

This thread is whining in it's purest, the "I do like sports so I'm going to flail around calling a games company incompetent and invite people to disagree but when they do just call them mouth breathers because of potentially releasing content on a bad day for me" etc is a great arguement? It's ridiculous entitlement is what it is, Tbh, I'm clearly not alone in thinking NCsoft should be focused on delivering content and certainly not checking if content release dates are going to clash with Decayed's grannies birthday lunch.

To reiterate because I think you missed the point entirely, the arguement is NCsoft is a games company running a niche service for a few thousand, out of that demographic quite a lot aren't going to watch superbowl because a) it's not their thing and PC games are b) it's not a thing in their respective country c) they are going to rationally adult and pick which one they prefer spending their leisure time doing.

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I don't like football, I don't watch it. But you gotta be real ballsy to call this a North American server and schedule the single biggest in game event at the same time as the US's #1 entertainment program of the year.  Are the people making timetable decisions living in North America or not?

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