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4 hours ago, Cebulowy_Rycerz said:

hmmm I need to see on my orc too when i get back to home but remember that it have adicional two handed bonus too. And what you just posted it is onyly 11% very strange. Maybe you have clan bonus p atack and that dont count or armor set boost.

20% p.atk is given to any weapon, to a double sword weapon we get 20%p.atk +another 5%p.atk,i am just counting the initial for a one hand sword.,we dont really get our dps right,i just want the admins to check ,maybe i am wrong somewhere.

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It's not a bug. The passive Weapon Mastery, like Sword/Blunt Mastery or 2-Handed Mastery, adds a flat bonus to your P.Atk, which isn't multiplied by any buffs. So for your 58 lvl Destroyer, while equiping a blunt, you are getting +72.7 P.Atk from Blunt Mastery. Which means your "real" P.Atk without mastery is around 54. So a 20% increase from Rage should be around 11 P.Atk, which is close to yours (you probably have your Blunt Mastery lower than 58 lvl, so you got a bit more "real" P. Atk.).

Masteries are a flat additions to P.Atk, which is added at the end of all calculations. Buffs like Rage, Might etc are multiplied by base p atk without any masteries.

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