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Left bracelet

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Nerijus    0

Looks like we got no info how obtain left bracelet, without it i can;t equip my anakim 30-day charm, time is ticking


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Devoid    122
5 hours ago, Mardonius said:

Anyone know where you get the starlight jars? LOL

You will also see there are options to exchange Zodiac Agathions into Zodiac Agathion Charms, but it requires the 'Starlight Jar' item among other items.

Since this 'Starlight Jar' item has not been previously provided, exchanging these items at this time will not be possible easily.

There are only 2 existing Zodiac Agathion items provided through rare item auction that use this system available in the game right now.
- Agathion – Virgo - Stage 9
- Agathion – Taurus - Stage 9

This system will be expanded on later through events and promotions to provide more variety and grades of Agathions.

While it is possible to obtain Starlight Jars by crystallization of the above two Agathions, again we do not suggest doing this because the Starlight Jar will be provided in more abundance in the future and destroying a very valuable item for a crafting material would be ill-advised.


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