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Merge Aden (


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Please look into merging Aden with another server sooner rather than later. People are dropping like flies, which is not surprising news. However, if you merge Aden with a new server, you will make people much more interested, you will stop people from quitting as there isn't enough to do on the server or people to play with, but you also get people who just quit to come back.

The more time you wait, the smaller the pool of people you'll have to retain or bring back. This is sound advice, and many people from the server would appreciate the change. Time is of the essence in keeping your servers alive.


Thank you for your continued efforts - it is difficult to balance a game with so many intricacies. Keep up the work.

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As I understand it, this is the current situation. 

1. NCsoft did not anticipate the response from the Classic NA release, in fact it was a shock and not planned for.

2. I've been told because of this response the problem of having to deal with "Server Merges" wasn't even planned for or anticipated, so the toolset or action plan to implement such a merge was not designed or planned for. 

3. The current situation is there is no plan for server mergers because they did not have a plan in place to do so, and to make matters a little worse the player populations between the two servers that should merge (Aden and Gludio) are small enough that it may be cheaper for NCsoft to maintain than pay for a costly server merge. 

(The fact they allowed clan hall auctions to take place speaks volumes about this)

So by my reasoning, You are definitely playing on your current server with its current population and can be expected to do so for a few more months yet. 


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