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Help me with some Dwarf questions ty :)


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1 hour ago, redsky said:

1) 20-40 Heavy or Light (if heavy what armor)?

2)have 2 buffers sould i go 2h (and if yes what 2h )?

Definitely heavy, moon heavy set or if you can buy it heavy brigandine.

I prefer blunt one hand and shield.

Blunt two hands is slower, and has a low accuracy. But it hurts more.
it depends on the tastes

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Moon Heavy should last you.  Brig will probably cost you over a mil or so if you buy it flat out (not that much better stats than moon for the money).  Don't go light, your evasion isn't high enough to warrant light, and the pdef bonus is better than the 1-1.5 mp recharge you'd get from light.  I have a light moon set as well and tried it out, I took a LOT more damage than with heavy.  Only one I'd see going light for is C grade on up for the +++str (Plated Leather, etc.).

Weapon is a toss up.  I prefer one handed and shield (they block quite a lot, about every third/fourth hit is a shield defense), and 2 handed hits harder, better if you're spamming shots...but i like the faster speed and shield def.  As in what 2 handed, that would definitely be a blunt, for your masteries and also your stun.  Later on, you will only get one skill you can use with a 2 handed sword.

If you're going scavenger, you'll need a recharger buffbot.  If you're going arty, not so much.  PP or WC is better.

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My 55 Bounty hunter rocks 2h blunt and has SE PP boxes. SE with recharges and vamp helps alot when farming with a spoiler. Alot go 1h blunt... I love 2h blunt. Hits way harder, and the p atk carries over to skills. All about maximizing your farm potential my man.

When farming, only use your dmg/stun skills when the blunt weapon master efficiency procs, makes them dirt cheap. My dwarf rivals a dagger same lvl and buffs in auto swing dmg.. only thing dif is I got +2 more enchant on my 2h than his dagger. 

Oh yeah, heavey all the way man. Unless your in a pt where you won't take any dmg, then maybe a robe XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.

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