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Herbs in hunting zones


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Hey there.


I was wondering, are herbs in x1 HP hunting zones going to be implemented anytime? The way it is right now, it would help a lot in solo hunting, even though everyone's got a buffer/healer/recharger, the few hp/mana herbs dropping now and then would help a lot, even in the case of mages that still need to sit down both the nuker and recharger every couple minutes because of the mana issues, while fighters can just keep it up endlessly if their HP is not so compromised.


It's only a question to help a little the solo farming (we all know "the way to go" is on AOE pulls, but wouldn't it help a little having that extra help when the CP/party is not online?)


Its only a question, Im not talking/bitching about adenas/exp/sp/drops, simply about something to help the farming a little bit and make it more dynamic when we would go out solo rather than having to sit and heal/recharge/cook some meal that often while so.



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