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Kelbim Dagger/s -VS- R99 +12 Dark Dagger/s 3SA


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Good day people, no movement here in the Othell section for a long time now... I have some questions! 

1. How viable is the Kelbim weapon nowadays?

2. What is the PVP DMG difference between a Kelbim dagger/daggers VS R99 +12 Dark 3SA, can you give an example % wise? I do not mean the PVP bonus simply given by the weapon, but in reality - what is going to be the difference! Is there anyone who can make a test and post the results?

Go Go Othells, LF results! 


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Imo the diff is still really huge between both (kelb = ~~+6 pvp dagger?)

I still believe kelbim is a cheap good option to run during a long while, even at 101+ considering a nice part of your dmg are coming from skill enchant and attack attribute. 

For PVE its another story, prob a low + PVE DD 1 SA would do a better job.


Overall, kelbim dag/DD prob the only weapons worth in kelbim. 

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Example - hitting 10k base damage, after applying boosts damage would be..

Dark - 1.15*1.1*1.07*1.15*1.05*1.05*1.084 = 1.85  >  with lv. 5 soul crystals, and 15% dmg augment >  18.5k damage.

If you get lv. 7 crystals for your dark dagger, it will hit ~19.2k damage.

Kelbim - 1.15*1.15*1.15 = > Assuming 150 dark attribute equal 15% dmg boost >  1.52 > 15.2k damage.


TL;DR you will hit 25%* harder with a decent dark dagger

*Not taking into account the (much) higher P. Atk from dark daggers which would further increase damage.

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