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ChiChele    23
6 minutes ago, Draecke said:

you said half the server is 108+ which equals ~1.1K players but when asked about specifics you only talk about MAX so what is it ?

the suspense is killing me..


i am speaking for whole server not just 1 clan . 

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Draecke    376

so you stand by your statement that Naia has 1.1K players of level 108+ alrighty then :D


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Nymphadorae    52
On 08/02/2019 at 12:32 PM, ChiChele said:

Its not Custom NPC so yes it will be like Eu.

i dont know on chronos but in naia 50% is 108 lvl :)

By 50% he means 50 people xD

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On ‎7‎. ‎02‎. ‎2019 at 8:10 PM, ChiChele said:

xp Easy half server 108 already (big Clans 110 ) and also they will open more xp areas with the update and all server will reach 115 after 
To change weapon r99 to r110 1300 gem r + 9 bill adena + Some Elcyum ( You can check at l2 ru that they already Change it)


My main is lvl 105, And i got there by red libra quests, runes and lot of grind ( almost by miracle), To get  to 108 will probably need year or two.

I'm on Naia where key players ( iss healer, tank) is always problem to get them. So instances and party grinds are occasional when you are lucky enough to get well geared  required level of key players.

Nowadays required levels for instance are like 103 for Helios and 104 for Etina  and as said above hard to get key players.

So where are tank, enchanter and healer at level 108 is big mystery for me.

If you look party matching you can see very rare calls for elven maybe one  or two daily, for sos you se maybe one or two in an week.

Atelia and gos are more frequent  and refinery full of macro parties 24/7 but I'm sure that all those players are not at lvl 108.

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