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Kelbim Bow -VS- R99 +12 Dark Thrower 3SA


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Good day Yuls, I have a question for you! I hope someone can do a real test and post the results!

1. How viable is the Kelbim bow for pvp today?

2. What is the PVP DMG difference between the Kelbim bow -VS- R99 +12 Dark Thrower 3SA, I do not mean the % PVP bonus dmg each weapon simply gives, but the real true pvp dmg numbers! I hope someone can do a test and post some results!

Thanks! LF results! 

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Can't run test since I sold my kelbim bow.

But i bought sometimes ago a B.Apoc+15 with 2 proper SA (which is far from +12PvP) and damage difference pvp wise (not even talking about PVE cuz obvious) was huge..

Running with a Tauti + B.Valak, pintpoint+10 focus, trickster lvl 99. On Titan lv100 r99+8 reg set was hitting for about 45k with kelbim bow, almost 80K with B.apoc+15. The difference was even bigger while Abundance+BR popped ofc.


At the end of the day, unlike dagger, i think kelbim bow is just a cheap option to start with but can easely be replaced by a B.apoc bow+12 if you can cap 500 attri. Kelbim bow doesnt really bring anything beside A.speed and 450 attri.. And finally I dont think it can even be compared with a PVP bow at all.

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If you use a 12+ dark bow with 15% skill crit augment & 2x lv. 7 SAs for maximum skill crit damage, you will hit around 50% harder than a kelbim bow.

Viable if you're doing pvp with weaker groups/1v1 etc, but you wont have the burst damage to take out stacked chars before they can heal up etc.

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You just put a drag race :

A smart 85 horse power vs 

A Ferrari 480 horse power 

Kelbim bow the only think that you got is p.atk / life so is shit 

Dark bow +12 you get more p.atk .. soulshot power ... P. SKILL CRITICAL DMG from augmen and from special abilitys and because of enchantment of the bow you getting passive p.skill power 


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