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Tyrant VS. Sorcerer (spellhover?) with AOE 50+


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Hello guys,

i would ask you what is better for AOE in lvl 50+. Now i have tyrant with wc 49lvl, but i start thinking if sorcerer or spellhover with SE will be better option for AOE for level 50 and more to the end of game / and sometimes in single target game. Tell me ur opinions. What is more useful? 


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Keep your tyrant.  Skills never miss. They can crit.  Mana cost isn’t outrageous.  Force storm is a ranged AOE that also overhits and will not hit flagged people on accident.  Fists are generally a cheaper weapon to buy.  Soulshot is cheaper than spiritshot.

Did i mention that force storm is a ranged AOE that overhits?  Yes, yes I did, but it’s worth mentioning twice.  Force burst isn’t worth it atm.  Just use the ranged lv 47 skill force storm.  I own a sorc and play with my cousin SH.  The tyrant is my #1 favorite to AOE to powerlevel toons with.

Just a quick tidbit about me... all I really do is AOE.  I own 9 accounts total.  I pull trains on one laptop with my SK, then use the other two laptops to heal/buff/dps.  I have WL, sorc, tyrant, and spoiler in the party.  The easiest to use by far is the tyrant.  Sorc AOE is great, but it doesn’t overhit.  This alone truly makes tyrant AOE great.

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