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Looking for Casual++ Warlord 48-55lvl


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Hey, everyone ! We are group of mature players ! We all got jobs and most of us familys, but we still find quit alot time to stay in L2 WORLD !
We looking for a person who plays warlord lvl 48-55~ to join our team! Our online time is GMT+0 18:00 , we play as a party for 2-4 hours (depends). We play daily , weekends included, but we all have real lifes and as i mention works, familys soo we all understand if someone cant play on weekend day or two.

We are part of clan were players are same  advanced casuals (thats the best how we can describe our selfs, Gamers with real life and its problems) with Clan hall , Raid boss activitys, Siege and other stuff.
Soo, comment , mail me here or pm in game Lukstas.
Looking forward to hear from you WARLORD !


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