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February update patch notes???

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On 2/12/2019 at 5:21 PM, Wedu said:

40 crit rate bonus max? LoL... Stupid idea

in korea there is +40 max bonus, if i remember. 

it seems to me that +400 is totally imbalanced bonus. with such bonus there is no need in buffs for boosting your crit rate. and it will ruin the weapon balance, as soon as you will have equal crit rate with 2-h blunt or dagger

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1 minute ago, Wedu said:

@Qwald Balance is when mage class will come and starting nuke you and when you are near him you are almost dead, that crit rate is for balancing, 40 is too low, hammers had focus in SA (risk focus)

Mages are dead if you close the gap, so there IS balance now.

And there is not only about "melee vs mage" balance. How about "dagger vs dwarf\tyrant\anyothermelee" balance? this will actually kill dagger classes, and instead mages there will be archers who will kill you in range with every second crit.

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@Qwald Archers are criting already your change for 40 crit rate will dont do anything good,  If you want escape meele warrior just place speed in weepon they will not get you. Why daggers need to place crit rate runes in weapon if they have good crit rate or arhcers the same, they will place speed rune.

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