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Raid rights


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13 hours ago, sailenceWL said:

How does it work?  

I've seen us get raids rights and not do dmg, unable to get loot.

I've seen us get raids rights and do some dmg and still not get loot.


Has something changed?

It works as intended. Each Command Channel can claim loot rights on only one raid boss each time.

The CC loot rights:

  • The CC did not hit the raid boss over 15 minutes (Claim Resets);
  • The CC claims the loot rights on a 2nd raid boss when first is still alive (Claim Lost);
  • The CC drops below 27 players (Claim Lost);
  • The CC disbands (Claim Lost);
  • The CC defeated the last raid boss hit by CC (Claim Resets);
  • The CC or party of 1-26 players hit before any other CC (Claim Lost).

The CC loot rights only work on the last raid boss hitted by the CC. All other raid bosses hitted sec/min before are permanently lost, until a hard reset. When 'Claim Lost' it will be based on most damage inflicted from any CC, until a hard reset.

So two CC's hitting 6 raids within 10 sec in Silent Valley won't work. Just move from 1 to another, or else 2 bosses are based on last hits from any CC and 4 on most damage inflicted. Impossible to find out which raid boss you hitted last with one particular CC.

Good Luck!


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