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Brooch Jewel Discussion


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23 hours ago, OmenOfSteel said:

I dont wanna defend NCWest, but I see it like this:

- New P2W Store-only items (Circlets, Cloaks, Zodiacs): Extremely damaging to the community, as these items widen the gap between normal players and whales each time.

- Old P2W Store-only items (like this Brooch Jewels now): Still bad, but not to the same extend. The whales have all these already anyway, so a flashsale or reaccurring "event" gives normal players a chance to catch up here and there.


I wouldn't mind a new item in store every 6 months, I think most ppl could live with that. 


What is a fcking joke though is pushing new items without any break one after the other: Cloaks, Circlets, Zodiacs.


Next probably those SAyha Talisman things. And again: If these come in 6 months from now, I won't mind it. If they bring it within the next few weeks, it is guaranteed that the next bunch of players will leave our already empty servers (Naia + Freya).

Balance is the key-word, and exactly this is where @Neutron totally fails.


100% agree, its really close to me and most Husaria to quit if that "promo" festival will follow. Since we are last trying make a side against DH we try to follow with items but cost is insane like for video game... Dont even complain about 6 lvl jewels which is imposible for normal players and gives insane stats. Its too late for stop that rolling stone but i was hope to reach a merge time :)

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NCKorea has now started to advertise Virtual Reality games:

This means they are seriously pushing ahead with the VR version of Blade & Soul:

In other words, the need for money is high and the promo festival will mercilessly continue. Here you can check out what the future will bring:
http://lineage2.plaync.com/event/main/eventlist?isRunning=CLOSED&tab=2 (Korean)
http://boards.rochand.com/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=850&start=150#p36514 (English)

If this makes you unhappy, I can only recommend to get out right now, before you sink any more money into this pixel swamp.

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9 hours ago, Truffle said:

Meth head I didnt spend 1 US dollar on my weapon, stop crying cause people are better than you at Lineage 2 :( 

Ofc people are better then me on L2. My time has gone many years now, and that is the normal. New replace the old and so on. On my day's i was what you are now but i farmed everything and really felt this game. Stil can not forget TOI and the quest we need to transfer from floor to floor. Not many was able to farm bium, my necro was one of the few. Now l2 it is just 15 -20 min rlx time. If the game was not so empty i probably will spend 1 hour. You see kido , i am not better in l2 because i am much better in real life. QQ for your lost (time and money) that you feel every day a little bit more. 

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