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Another What class to play thread!


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Hi All, started playing classic last weekend and im a bit undecided on what class. 

I started with a Dark Elf Mage and im lvl 16 now. I dont get a great deal of time to play so will pretty much be solo, maybe party at weekends:) So was wondering your thoughts on best way to go? The options i am thinking are - 

- Go Dark Wizard and decide between Spellhowler or Phantom Summoner.

- Go Shillien Oracle as a box and second account Orc Fighter with the aim of going Monk and Tyrant? Or would you suggest a different class to lvl with boxed Shillien Oracle?

- Or something completely different to solo?

Im not really intending on PVP and not sure i will ever get to end game, just looking to enjoy a few months playing the first MMO i ever played 15 years ago:)

many Thanks


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