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New Player Help - Leveling


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I'm new to the game and I've been playing now for about a week and currently level 91 on my Yul Moonlight Sentinel. I play solo and i'm having a pretty rough time trying to level and it seems that it just takes way too long to level up. Been trying to find some current information or a up to date guide but everything seems very old or for that Lineage 2 Classic or Revolution. I do have the xp rune bonuses, the XP Rune III (1-100 200%) and the XP Rune  II (1-95 100%) so when someone suggested I grind at the fairies I was getting .04-05 a kill and it was insanely packed and I think i was getting around 5-6% an hour. Is that normal? Just seems insanely slow considering you also need to level up the dualclass.

Been also doing the adventure daily quests when they are up and that is good exp when the level of the guild levels up. I try to go to the open world level 88 raid bosses but never get invited when i see people killing them. Any help on where to go grind would be appreciated.

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Best xp on this low lvl is from party kartias, enter with yours boxes (iss and healer), leave before killing final boss. Use some exp items which you can buy from players/store. I was able to do k85s and k90s with mage so I don't think you will have issue with archer. I didn't try k95 yet - it is a little bit harder. Btw 5-6% per hour is amazing, imagine you will do this per week on high levels... Adventurer faction is important - a lot of exp and nice rewards. I didn't see any party for killing raid bosses - I think someone is farming them on respawn. I started char on 1/26/2019 and now is 97/97/80/80 with 0 usd spent and without any kind of power level services, also exping healer and iss (both 97 now). But games start to be fun at 101+++.

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