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New classic update runes

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Runes here like Othell and others will come with same bonus they have on EU/RU versions? example: Othell with insane critical rate effect. @Hime @Juji



Plz, don't kill sws !!! Don't enable +300+ critical rate runes, that will make NA a melee server like EU servers.

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43 minutes ago, EncubeREAL said:

Yes,nerf othell runes..make NA MAGE SERVER!!!! where is your logic?

I say that because othell rune cap critical rate easy and you don't need sws for that, 80% of the server sure will use only othell. Making others classes that are not Tyrant and Destroyer useless for things like boss and clan arena.

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SWS is not just for hunters song and crit. rate, get your facts straight please.

Additionally, if they do not implement the classic version of Othell bonus, then yes this server will be a mage server, and it'll be a byebye from me,

since it will be the last hit towards active players.


Lastly, even having an othell8 (+250p.crit rate) which will be extremely hard to be acquired by normal players, max cap is not reached.
On the other hand imagine struggling getting an othell8 for +25p.crit rate? PLEASE HAHAHA


P.s: I think that the update is here way too early, since the server has been up only for like 4months. Since future patches are nowhere close to the classic feeling, I think that this classic thing won't last more than one and a half year at best.

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