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I can tell you few I've tried.. almost not possible to know for sure from the first try:)


  • P.Atk lv4, P. Accuracy lv4, P.Def lv2, P Evasion lv2

DUAL: few options: 

  • full P.Atk (lv2 P.Atk Increase + Dual Specialized P.Atk) = 15%
  • Dual – Master’s Rage - Has a chance of increasing skill power by 27% during use.Requires 3 certificates. It will land more often for you if you use Eva's rune(20%cd) if not... I can say once every minute (if you're lucky).  And you will have 1 certificate left - HP 6% or P.atk 3%
  • Dual - Physical Trait Increase +20% success rate and defense for physical debuffs (stun etc)  + lv2 HP(12%) or P.Atk (9%)

Good luck.


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