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Getting killed on "start of fate"? Huh wow ok - guess you are new to this game. This quest instance should be possible with closed eyes. But ok, let's see.

First, check if you have all the best stuff equipped, that you currently have in your inventory. You don't have to buy anything. By the time you start this quest, you should have gotten some equipment from the previous quests. That should include some armor parts, some rings, maybe some Soul-/Spiritshots and a new weapon as far as i know.  

Second, check if you have learned all the skills for your current lvl (look in skill-menu) and make sure you use them in battle.

Third, pay attention to the NPC that is walking with you through the instance. At some points, you may not just run forward but have to stop, wait for the NPC to do some stuff and protect him. 

If that is still too hard, get some more lvls by just killing some monsters outside the instance before you enter again. 

Also have a look at this guide for the quest --> https://l2wiki.com/Start_of_Fate 

Good luck mate. 

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